How You Can Use Instagram to Benefit Your Business

Show Your Creativity

Showcase the solution you provide, not the products or services you sell. On Instagram, it’s essential to add value to your customers and look pretty while doing it. Never underestimate the fact that your most important thing on Instagram is visual content.

If your business is service-oriented, focus on presenting the process behind providing the service. Show your company culture, share your company mission with the world, while also giving some tips and tutorials. It’s possible to upload photos, short videos or Boomerangs and videos up to one minute.

Instagram Stories For Businesses

Instagram Stories have a slideshow format and are only live for 24-hours. This feature is a direct competitor to Snapchat’s Stories and is now being heavily developed by Instagram and heavily used by Instagram users.

For brands, Stories can be a useful feature. Stories are prominently displayed at the top of follower timelines just under the Instagram logo, it can be used to capture behind-the-scenes content that doesn’t have to be as high in quality as regular posts, making it easy to experiment with different content types: photo, short video, Boomerang, backwards videos and live video.

Tagging other accounts in Stories is ideal for collaborators and influencer marketing. Fun additions like face filters, text and stickers help you edit images on-the-go. Because stories have a search option for hashtags and locations, it’s easier to make them more discoverable.

All photos and videos you add will play in the sequence they were added and you can add as many as you like. Note that Stories are only available on the mobile app and it’s possible to send Instagram Stories, just like direct messaging. The use of social media Stories is definitely picking up and almost any brand and business can find a fun and engaging way to participate.

Your Profile

As a company, you probably do a whole lot of things and offer even more solutions. Don’t get too caught up in fitting all of that in 150 characters. Focus on your next big thing like maybe an event, promotion or product launch.


Since the only links that are clickable are in your bio section under your name, try making a habit to update it frequently. Try using it to drive event registrations, app downloads or even purchases. Instagram has also launched their Instagram Business profiles and paid advertising.

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